Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yoshi Already in Use

I hadn't intended on making another post so soon but, after I had finished adding another row to my Yoshi blanket and had it on my bed still, my cat George decided that he wanted to break in my blanket already.

George on Yoshi 01

It started off innocently enough with him barely sitting on it at all.

George on Yoshi 02

Look at that sweet face that says, "Don't worry. I'd never lay on your blanket and get hair all over it." So I turn my back and come back to this...

George on Yoshi 03

The little twerp is lucky he's so cute.

George on Yoshi 04

He seemed to like it enough to sleep on it for 3 hours or so. I take that as a good sign and can't wait until I get my chance to use it :)

Impatiently Yours,

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