Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pirate Eye Patch and Lace Rose/Pineapple Blanket

Per usual it's been forever since I've updated this thing. I promise that, despite any lack of posts, this blog will never actually die unless I specifically say so. Sometimes I just get caught up in life and don't have time to craft or don't have time to share the things I've been crafting. This time it's been a little bit of both, but I thought I'd share some of the things I have made since I last posted. They were made months apart and have nothing to do with each other, I just stuck them both here since I thought it'd be superfluous to post two separate entries for them.

The first project is a pirate eye patch I worked up for a costume for my boyfriend in a night. It comes complete with a Jolly Roger attached to it. I don't know if I wrote down the pattern, but I basically sc'd it to fit and reverse sc'd around the whole thing once it was done to add a little bit of a border. The Jolly Roger should be easy enough for anybody to wing that might want to make one. I only got one pic since it's pretty straight forward:

The second project I posted on here is a blanket I made for my boyfriend's mom. It was from a pattern my mom found for me, but this should be it: Click for Pattern. The motiffs were real easy to work through once I did it a couple times and I found the open work kind of fun. The pineapple border was a pain to do as it is worked up all at once and I found it a bit confusing (messed it up at least once and of course didn't figure it out until I got to the end of the round and saw that it didn't line up). It didn't work up as big as it should have for me (why do I fail so badly at gauging?? WHY??!?), but I thought it turned out to be a nice cute little decorative afghan!

Hope everyone enjoyed the random grab-bag that was this post. Hopefully I'll get a couple more up before half a year goes by, haha