Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unfinished Circular Pop Tab Purse (crochet)

Recently I hit burnout #1 in the midst of my Yoshi blanket. Since I couldn't bring myself to even think about making another Granny Square, I decided to mess around with the bajillion pop tabs I have and have been wanting to try and crochet a purse with.

Tons and tons of pop tabs!

Now on to the (semi) final product. Drum roll please....

Pop Tab Purse Front
Front of purse

Pop Tab Purse Front Detail
Front detail

I wish that the pop tabs had shown more but there's always next time! haha

Pop Tab Purse Back
Back of purse

Pop Tab Purse Back Detail
Back detail

Like I said, I was totally winging the pattern. There wasn't really any hope of me being able to replicate it for the back so I just decided to do a solid circle with all the colors and hope that it would work out. Magically it did; size, number of stitches, everything!

Pop Tab Purse Inside 01
Inside Shot #1

Pop Tab Purse Inside 02
Inside Shot #2

It needs a handle and lining and I can't sew very well so I have no idea when it's actually going to be done. I'm very proud of it since it's my first original pattern even though I don't intend on keeping it for myself (I love the colors but it's too small for my liking haha). I know I couldn't possibly write up a pattern for it but if someone really wanted one, I could try and explain what I did. At the least I could give some pointers...

Hope everyone likes! :)


  1. This is very cool! Kudos to you, my lovely friend.

  2. Awww. You made a blog?!
    Now you have to become a follower of me! :D