Friday, October 15, 2010

Candy Corn

I know that I only update this thing sporadically at best and now that class has started again, that certainly isn't going to change. This semester is very stressful and keeping me crazy busy so I hardly have time to crochet anymore, nonetheless actually finish anything. However, Halloween is coming up and one day I really just needed to do something to relax a little bit, so I thought I would make a candy corn! It seemed simple and quick enough to make so I figured I could afford the time :)

Candy Corn 001

Candy Corn 002

Pictures aren't as good as they could be because I was lazy and took them with my Droid so I could just upload them to facebook from there (don't judge!) I posted it on craftster and somebody requested the pattern there so, since I took the time to type it up, I figure I'll put it here too. First written pattern for me, woo! :)

Candy Corn

[in white]
R1: sc 6 in magic circle (6)
R2: 2sc in each st (12)
R3: sc around (12)
R4: sc 2, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 4, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 2 (16)
R5: sc around (16)
R6: sc 3, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 6, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 3 (20)
R7: sc around (20)
R8: sc 4, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 8, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 4 (24)
R9: sc around (24)
R10: sc 5, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 10, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 5 (28)
R11: sc around (28)

[in orange]
R12: sc 6, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 12, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 6 (32)
R13: sc around (32)
R14: sc 7, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 14, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 7 (36)
R15: sc around (36)
R16: sc 8, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 16, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 8 (40)
R17: sc around (40)
R18: sc 9, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 18, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 9 (44)
R19: sc around (44)
R20: sc 10, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 20, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 10 (48)
R21: sc around (48)
R22: sc 11, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 22, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 11 (52)
R23: sc around (52)

[in yellow]
R24: sc 12, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 24, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 12 (56)
R25: sc around (56)
R26: sc 13, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 26, *(2sc in each st)* x2, sc 13 (60)
R27: sc around (60)
R28: sc 13, *(sc2tog)* x2, sc 26, *(sc2tog)* x2, sc 13 (56)
R29: sc around (56)
R30: sc 12, *(sc2tog)* x2, sc 24, *(sc2tog)* x2, sc 12 (52)
R31: sc around (52)
R32: *[(sc2tog, sc 1)* x3, *(sc2tog)* x4, *(sc 1, sc2tog)* x3]* x2 (32)
R33: sc around (32)
R34: *[*(sc 1, sc2tog)* x2, *(sc2tog)* x2, *(sc2tog, sc 1)* x2]* x2 (20)
R35: sc around (20)
R36: *[sc 1, sc2tog, *(sc2tog)* x2, sc2tog, sc 1]* x2 (12)
R37: sc around (12)
Cut yarn, weave in end, and pull hole shut

Couple points of clarification in case people can't understand my notation. Asterisks (*) indicated the section they're surrounding (which should be in parenthesis or brackets) are to be repeated and will be followed by the number of times it should be done total (x2 means you should crochet everything in the parenthesis twice total). Numbers at the end in parenthesis indicated how many stitches should be in that row. Also, in round 32, I start using both parenthesis and brackets to indicate parts that should be repeated. Work through everything in the brackets first, then repeat it all again according to the number of times indicated (in both cases, the instructions should be crocheted twice or repeated once after you've worked through it the first time).

Also, I figured it was worth noting that I stuffed mine and then put some pellets in it too to help weigh it down so it would stand on its own. I made mine with a G hook and had some gaps at the bottom that were big enough for the pellets to fall out, so I hollowed out the inside of the stuffing, poured the pellets in there, then put more stuffing in the bottom to plug it up and keep the pellets from falling out before I closed up the bottom.

Hopefully those instructions will head off any confusion over the pattern (I know how frustrating it can be to try and make something and have to frog it because you didn't understand the pattern) though it really isn't that difficult so you might not even need them! Good luck everybody! :D

See you when my sanity runs short again,