Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In the vein of trying to keep up on posting on here semi-regularly, I figured I'd post about some things I've changed/made/been working on.

First off, new template for the blog! While I liked the old one, it just seemed a bit dark for me. Someday I'll take the time to get a real template and stuff for my blog, but for now this will do!

Second, I have a hat/scarf I've made myself that I need to take pictures of that will eventually make its way on to here as well as another very special hat that I am waiting for the right person to model. This is a very "special" hat mind you, and I'll be looking for feedback to see if people would actually buy it, haha

Third, I am working on making a Zibbet shop to eventually sell patterns/items on! Zibbet is awesome because, unlike etsy (or at least by my understanding, feel free to let me know it I'm wrong), Zibbet lets you feature 50 items for sale for FREE. You can update your account and pay a monthly fee to get special features and sell more items, but I'm definitely not anywhere near that point. Getting my Zibbet shop up and running will probably be a very gradual process, at least for the selling actual items part, while I work out some standard shipping procedure/policy. It will also be gradual as I have to come up with the patterns to sell on it and don't want to sell any that aren't very good quality or a bit beyond a totally beginner level. Plus I will not sell any patterns or items made from copyrighted material on there and since that tends to be what I enjoy making most, it'll probably be some time before I perfect normal ones, haha.

Free patterns will always be available here, other patterns will eventually be available at my Zibbet shop once I get it up and running, and I will keep posting here to keep anybody reading updated on progress on any craft-related front!

Hopefully pics of the things I've already completed will be on here soon!


EDIT: I can't believe I almost forgot this! My Yoshi blanket has been feature on Craftster's crochet board's Hot New Projects for some time now! I realize this doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but I'm very excited about it and am thankful for all the positive comments and feedback everyone has given it over at I love that website and stalk the crochet forum on a daily basis (usually more than once daily) so this is so cool for me! :) And if you don't believe me, I even took a screenshot of it for proof, haha (proof for me, but I'll share)

My Yoshi featured on crochet board

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