Friday, January 7, 2011

Horse/Unicorn Hats!

First off, I just want to start with the humble admission that I am dumb. This is for two reasons:

1. On my last blog post I meant to mention that I now have an email that will solely be devoted to craft-stuff. That's right people, is now in existence and is awaiting the moment that I actually put it to real use. On a related note, if you feel like emailing me for any reason, please do so! If you have questions on anything I've made that you want to keep secret from the general internet world, or if you just want to chat, or something, feel free!

2. I did not realize that I could directly upload pictures onto blogger. On all my previous posts I was using photobucket for the pictures, but now, no more! Well unless I don't like blogger's thing, but we will have to see on this post!

Okay, enough of that, on to hats! Eventually I want to come up with a number of patterns for animal-related hats that I can sell. It is the perfect combination of my favorite hobby (crochet!) and my educational passion (animals! since I am a Zoology major and all...), plus I'm hoping that at least some of them will turn out super cute ;).

As the title suggests, the first pattern I've come up with is for a horse/unicorn. It's the same basic pattern, you just add or subtract some parts and substitute some colors depending on which one you'd like to make and exactly what sort of horse or unicorn you have in mind. For the sake of completeness, I made one of each! On to pictures! (Disclaimer: the trained eye might notice that I have edited my face out of the pictures in which I'm wearing the hat. I would have done so a bit less crudely, but I don't have access to photoshop right now. I may switch out the pictures later when I do. Another disclaimer: I really need one of those head mannequin thingies since, in order to get pictures that show off all angles of the hat well, I may have had to resort to sticking it on my flamingos hindside... it made for interesting pictures at least! haha)

I think I might have figured out this blogger picture thing but need to figure out a way to maybe put them side-by-side so they don't take up so much room? Or just take less pictures? haha. I remember back in the good old days when I had a greatestjournal (aka livejournal but better), you could hide pictures underneath a link. Dang, I can't even remember what that was called but I'm sure people that use livejournal still know...

Anywho, you can see my handiwork! I left the ears off of the unicorn since I figured it would be a bit too much going on with the horn, but my mom vehemently insists on me adding ears to it also. Agree? Disagree? Also, I tried to make the earflaps look like the rings on the side of a bridle so the braids would be reins. Not quite sure I accomplished that, but it doesn't look horrible. At least I don't think it looks horrible, haha. The incredibly astute might also notice that the unicorn one isn't technically done because I haven't added the braids to the earflaps. This is because I want them to be pink (black just seems wrong with all the other pretty colors I've got going on) and I don't own any pink yarn because I kind of hate the color pink, haha.

Comments and such welcome as always! I'm not posting the pattern this time since, as I mentioned earlier, I eventually hope to sell the hat/pattern, so sorry guys!


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