Tuesday, December 21, 2010

8-bit Yoshi (almost) Complete...Well Sorta

I realize that, at least at this point in time, this blog is kind of like my own little world that just so happens to exist in the public domain which is my way of saying that I realize I'm probably the only one that reads or cares about it, buuuttt someday other people may read it. Or care. Or maybe I'll become famous and this will mean something.

In any case, I just wanted to share to the internet-savvy world that I have completed my last Granny Square for my 8-bit Yoshi Blanket!!!!!!!!

Now for those of you completely lost, if you take the time to scroll all the way down (and press the button for previous posts, which I'm kind of surprised I'm qualified for at this point), you'll see that I started the blanket sometime near August of 2009. Yes, that is over a year ago. It is so long ago that we have since lost the cat that some of my pictures on another post feature (and thus that post now kind of makes me sad). In fact, my last post on the blanket was half a year ago.

I would say oops, but there are a number of factors that have contributed to me taking this long that are not limited to laziness. Most importantly, the fact that I don't really get any time to work on things during the school year because of, well, school. That and I get distracted by smaller projects and monotony and blah blah blah.

Anywho, as I've said, I have completed my last square and almost all of them are attached. They would all be attached but I left a skein of yarn I need at my apartment and do not have it on me now. I still have to stitch them together going the other way which will still take quite a bit of time, but certainly I deserve a little celebrating!

Now there is one huge asterisk to my announcement/celebration/party. When I say done, I mean with actual Yoshi himself. I had ideally planned on giving him a background so the blanket would actually be rectangular. This would really help considering he gets a bit thin around the neck area and thus, when I cuddle up under him, I basically end up draping his head over my legs and twisting his body to cover my upper half.

But I really don't care a whole lot about that! Maybe he'll get a background someday, maybe he won't. I am just super anxious to get him done for now! Hopefully this will happen soon.

Until then,


  1. you've been good at posting in December, keep it up! I love the yoshi blanket and the R2 beanie and I'm really interested in your projects. I wish I could crochet

    Im at
    geekysweetheart.blogspot.com and geekcrafts.com

  2. Thanks!

    I think I might have to make a resolution to really try to post on here semi-regularly after break ends