Sunday, August 1, 2010

Starghan: 1/2 Done

Welp, to anyone actually paying attention to this, I thought I would post my new big project. Yoshi is quite close to being done but, at this point, I think I'd rather chew off my own fingers than crochet another granny square... I've really wanted a starghan for quite some time now and really mostly just wanted to make up a blanket that works in a round so there's no assembly required. This is what I've come up with so far:

Starghan 001

The color in the picture is horribly washed out. Took a closer picture that's slightly better:

Starghan 002

The colors are absolutely gorgeous and yes, the black is sparkly! Made with I Love This Yarn so it's quite soft, despite being crocheted. Row-wise, it's slightly more than half done. However, effort-wise, not quite so much considering each round gets bigger and bigger... Le sigh. Either way, it goes a lot quicker than granny squares to which I say huzzah! Plus it tentatively matches the color scheme for my apartment I'll be moving into for the school year! Yeah, let's not judge the level of my nerdiness/color obsession...

For anyone interested in the pattern, it's Chromium's Star Blanket which is awesome because the modified half doubles and adjacent doubles fill in the holes you would normally have at the corners and dents. Link to the pattern can be found here. There are also some helpful links to exactly how to do an adjacent stitch and even how to do the first three rounds. I would definitely recommend giving the pattern a shot :)



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  1. I just started making stars I'm in love with the design thx for posting this about how to close the gaps.